Logitech got in touch with us our objective was to innovate and attract customers in a fiercely competitive market.

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The challenge: innovate & acquire customers in a competitive market

Logitech, a company well aware of the imperative of innovation for survival, contacted us for assistance with one of their brands, Ultimate Ears. This brand was undergoing a digital transformation aimed at boosting customer acquisition and enhancing organic traffic. Due to the high costs associated with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, it became clear that an organic ranking strategy would be the most effective long-term approach.

As a result, Logitech engaged us to completely overhaul their SEO strategy, from targeting keywords to developing a comprehensive content plan. Through our collaboration, Logitech achieved a significantly higher global ranking and successfully acquired organic traffic using innovative content marketing strategies.

In a mere three-month period, the SEO plan we developed was successfully implemented and yielded remarkable results for Ultimate Ears. Specifically, the brand experienced notable growth in competitive target keywords during this time.

Leveraging our extensive data collected from over 2,000 active clients across various locations and markets, Ultimate Ears was able to achieve sustainable rankings in multiple markets.

Moreover, our outreach team collaborated with Ultimate Ears to obtain backlinks through guest posts and link placements on prominent media outlets, ultimately driving traffic that significantly reduced the site's bounce rate and increased the average user time.

The efforts of our collaboration with Ultimate Ears resulted in the following achievements:

  • First-page rankings for both target and long-tail keywords.
  • Strong rankings in multiple markets.
  • A significant decrease in bounce rates.
  • Increased sales through unique traffic channels.
  • An impressive 250% year-over-year improvement in organic traffic.
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Wyzer helped us scale up our SEO against considerable competition.

Ryan Sandoval
Ryan Sandoval
Project Manager