BigCommerce set out to find a unique SEO solution that would strengthen their ranking & authority as a trusted, innovative and agile solution for businesses that are looking to sell online.

Project Details

The challenge: increasing scale on key target keywords while maintaining low bounce rates & conversions

BigCommerce's primary mission is to enable businesses to prosper in the online realm. As a forward-thinking company, they are constantly exploring different business models, working styles, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partnerships. In order to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the e-commerce landscape, it was evident that they needed to swiftly expand their SEO efforts while still prioritizing low bounce rates and high conversion rates.

Therefore, BigCommerce embarked on a quest to discover an exceptional SEO solution that would bolster their authority and ranking as a dependable, pioneering, and nimble e-commerce solution for businesses seeking to sell online.

The solution: a unique opportunity to scale their SEO

In light of this objective, BigCommerce viewed Ranked not only as an SEO solution, but as a strategic partner. Given Ranked's capacity to assess ranking strategies across diverse markets and geographic areas through content, they collaborated with BigCommerce's marketing team to achieve substantial growth in both competitive and long-tail keywords.

Furthermore, by engaging with Ranked's content experts, BigCommerce was able to specifically target small businesses through a dedicated blog category, resulting in the acquisition of customers who are typically challenging to reach through conventional advertising methods.

The outcome of the collaboration with Ranked enabled BigCommerce to achieve the following accomplishments:

  • Substantial growth in target keywords
  • Strong rankings across multiple geographic regions
  • Significant improvements in bounce rates.
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Ranked is an extraordinary solution for enterprises that are looking to scale up their SEO efforts.

Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
SEO & Content Manager